Octubre 2020

Botiga On-Line

Hem incorporat una botiga on-line a la nostra Web
Ara podreu comprar els nostres vins directament a Cellers Joan d’Anguera.
Com a client particular os mantindrem informats de les novetats de cada collita.

Entrar a botiga

Abril 2018

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

“As I hadn’t tasted their wines for a while and what I saw was truly outstanding, I decided to report on all the unbottled wines I tasted, even if some are going to take some years to review. But the new direction of the winery is so impressive and exciting that I wanted to let you know about them.”

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Novembre 2018

Celler Joan d’Anguera. Carrer Major de la Mata, 34, 43746 Darmós, Tarragona. 977 41 83 48. info@cellersjoandanguera.com